Asking For Help

Why it’s so hard and why we’re doing it now.

Hello hello hello hello hello. It’s Thursday and this is a very special edition of It’s The Nu-s. Today, I’m passing the mic to our CEO, Ross, to share the opporunity and challenge of where we are at right now and how you can be a part of it.

Ross also recommends listening to some Aretha while reading. 🎤

Asking For Help

Why it’s so hard and why we’re doing it now.

Starting a business is hard. Starting a business to create systemic change during a pandemic is also pretty (darn) hard.

At NuMarket we’re fortunate to have an exciting, impactful business that’s fun to be part of. We love when someone learns about what we’re doing and has the, “oh woah, this is cool” moment. We love it even more when someone blurts out, “how can I help?”

When it comes to building a nu business, asking for help can be hard for two reasons:

  1. You want to seem like you’ve got your act together. No one wants their family, customers or investors wondering whether you really know what you’re doing. Lucky for us, our customers have become part of our Nu family (scroll to the bottom for photo evidence) and we haven’t taken on investors.

  2. Where to start in asking for help? There is no roadmap for doing what we do. We’re a six month old, bootstrapped start up with a world of opportunity in front of us. That seemingly endless opportunity means a lot of different needs. The thought of how much good we’re capable of doing can be paralyzing.

We’re ditching the veneer that we know exactly what we’re doing to do what we do best: connect with our community. We’re inviting you, the people who believe in or are intrigued by what we’re doing, to help us reach that endless opportunity.

If this is this you, fill out this form 🙌

Thank you in advance for your help. We need it, we appreciate you and we’ll put your support to important use.