Code Word: Experiment

have YOU ever been rewarded for hitting the follow button?

I’m jumping right in so JOIN ME.

Last week Ross asked, “have you ever been rewarded for following someone on Instagram?”

We thought long and hard (like 2 mins) about this. In some cases, I recounted gracefully, the content alone is reward enough, but in most cases I’d actually never really thought about it.

Ross initially asked the question on Friday of last week, we brainstormed, noodled, and shared ideas, and by Tuesday morning we had a fully built out system of experiments ready to test. What we built happens to be an incredibly fun way to engage on social media. Don’t believe me, follow us on IG. If you already follow us on IG, send us a DM and use the code word “experiment” and you’ll see what we mean. I’d share more here, but we’re team #nospoilers.

It’s sometimes shocking how quickly a good idea can take shape. OR IS IT??

How does that happen? Does it take a few good epiphanies? Just one good question? A bit of magic? Time? People?? Possibly a combination of all of these things. While it feels like— what’s that saying— lightning in a pan (thats def not the saying), in reality creative ideas are a grind of many seeds planted, many dots connected, and many iterations of ideas beforehand. It’s nice to remember that when caught in the slog of life or work, you’re probably still planting seeds for magic moments that make you feel like you’re flying. Food for thought. Take it or leave it.

HEY Thanks for reading. Get pumped for our very first surprise feature next Thursday ooh!

Bye now,

P.S. I wrote most of this listening to this sweet cover of A Drop In The Ocean. SHOUTOUT to throwbacks am I right?