start(up) in the middle

ohhhh hello 👋

WHAT to write about first. How do ya pick one thing when there's so many different directions to go in? How to choose something that you may be interested in reading about. How to keep up when there's so much to do so much to see (so what’s wrong with takin' the back streets??? 🙃)

I know a lot of people that feel a bit lost sometimes because they're in the middle of accomplishing something and there are so many possible directions to go in.

Like my Grandma Flo always says:

“you young people have too many choices it’s naht good.”

Sometimes it's something small like reading a book or writing a blog and sometimes it's big like building a business. I feel this way all the time. In fact, yesterday I texted one of my best friends Sarah and told her I was feeling a bit lost. She said, "what makes you feel most you?"

Oof this is an excellent question.

Typically the things that make me feel most ME are the moments where I feel like I've arrived— where I can just be who I am, where I am. Like listening to a good song, laughing, running into someone I'm genuinely excited to see on the street, collaborating with our team. At NuMarket, we're in the middle of many different projects (which I will be writing about here) and that can be tough some days.

It's nice to feel like you've arrived. And at the same time we're all always in the middle of something. It's easy to talk about big dreams or goals before they happen and even easier to tell stories of things that we've already done. It can be hard to be middle, to decide on a direction and just GO for it. But it makes me smile a smug little smirk of a smile to know that you're in the middle too. In the middle of reading this, in the middle of some book or project or idea, and in the middle of your life.

"A blank page of canvas. So many possibilities" - (Act II) Stephen Sondheim