Taking the Leap

On launching a campaign

Yoohoo happy Thursday! It’s a big week in NuMarket Land so let us jump on in.

The Launch:

After about a month, we're back in the arena with launching campaigns. BOOM!

We took time from launching to listen, create new systems to help our partners succeed, and build out products that better serve our community. And now that we’re back, we've taken the leap with two incredible businesses that we are extremely excited to share with you.

The Businesses:

Boston Harbor Distillery is funding a new 500-gallon still so that they can grow and take things to a whole new level.

Love Child is expanding their current retail concept to become a bottle shop and deliver blooms and booze to your door.

The People:

Both of these businesses are unique in their product and story, but what makes them truly special are the people who built them. Before we went live with their campaigns, we asked the owners how it feels to take the leap, ask their community to fund their growth and launch their campaigns.

Rhonda from BHD said, “It’s almost like jumping out of a plane the second before you’re able to pull your shoot. It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s the beginning of the next chapter.”

Crystal and Colleen from Love Child said, “It’s both nerve-wracking and exciting. Asking for help in a very upfront way is vulnerable, but it’s almost a feeling of acceptance. The big question is, does our community find what we’re doing valuable enough?”

The Leap:

Taking the leap is vulnerable, exciting, emotional, uncomfortable, and brave.

Taking the leap is knowing there is a chance it won’t go the way you want it to.

Taking the leap is leaning on your community, asking for help, and showing up for yourself.

I think Rhonda, Crystal and Colleen got to the heart of it so beautifully. When you take a leap, you face the truth of a question we all face when care about something share it in a new way: Will people care?

More juicy questions next week—

In the meantime, fund it !!