The Beauty of the Bench

why watching and listening is where growth really comes from

WHAT’S UP READERS & welcome to It's The Nu-s. 👋 It’s a big week with lots going on at NuMarket. Today, I want to break down, chit chat, gab, and murmur (if you can imagine) about the beauty of the bench and why a growth startup would take time to pause, watch, and listen.

Today is the first day we have no live campaigns up since our very first campaign launched in March. Pretty wild! Traditionally, #startupculture is all about hyper growth, and in order to do that intentionally, we’re slowing down. We’re pausing on launching campaigns so that we can listen, experiment, and build better for our community and business owners to make sure that we’re putting our best foot forward. This time is allowing us to test out products, experiment on social media with things like National New Jersey day (huh??), and be intentional about how we run campaigns going forward because the view from the bench is only helping us play the game better. #sports #tedlasso

And if that doesn’t do it for ya, here’s one more metaphor: We're excited to be in that moment in a good movie where you think “Ooh what could possibly be coming next?” #movies #filmbuff

SO, without any spoilers… mark your calendars for mid August.

Nu campaigns coming soon. 👀

Thank you for reading, I love you for reading. I have a hunch, and this could be off, but because you are living a vibrant life of your own, maybe there is a lot going on for you this week too?? If that's true, I hope you're able to find time to do something fun and creative like this 🙃

Shine On,


P.S. In the spirit of experimenting, If you or a person you know lives in NYC and is looking for the best nu spot in town, fill this out it’s fun.