Weeping Beside a Urinal

why stopping time might not be the answer

Yesterday I had a small meltdown in the bathroom of Boule & Cherie. Not anything they did, they're great. Excellent chai, solid empanadas. Shout out! 📣

There I was working away when the speed & weight of the world just hit me. So I decided to weep in the bathroom for 5 mins. Everything is moving so quickly... There are so many jobs to do and people to meet that sometimes I want to stop time.

Little tangent: I've been obsessed with stopping time since I saw the 2002 cult classic: Clockstoppers. This niche Nickelodeon film, featuring no one I recognize, left a profound mark on me for some reason. In case you haven’t seen it, this is all you need to know: a kid finds a watch with a little button on it that stops time. Amazing.

Since then, I’ve futzed around with every watch I’ve met to see if maybe I’ve finally stumbled upon the one with the magic button… Haven’t you??

I think about stopping time when I feel overwhelmed at the challenges or possibilities of life and work.

I think about stopping time when something is so wonderful that I just want to hold it, capture it, roll around in it, and bottle it up.

I think about stopping time more than most people… I think. 👀

So anyway, as I was weeping next to the urinal, I sent Ross a message and shared this rather lugubrious moment I was having.

After talking it through, he said, "What would living be like if nothing was moving at all?"

What a great question.

All I can say is, movement and stillness are equally beautiful, entropy is a part of life, and caring enough about something that you have to weep next to a urinal about it is what living is for.

SO what’s the takeaway here? You don’t need a time stopping watch after all.

All you need is to call a teammate / friend; and take a deep breath— you’ll love it.

Until next time,


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